Misery Movie Prop Leg Display

A highly themed display for a Misery movie prop leg from the infamous “hobbling scene.”

A movie prop collector client located this screen used Misery movie prop leg and asked us to recreate the famous hobbling scene as a display. Based on the thriller by Stephen King, Mysery tells the story of a famous author played by James Caan, who ends up a captive of his “number 1 fan” played by Kathy Bates. In one of the most infamous scenes in all of horror history, she tries to stop him from escaping by breaking both of his legs. Since they obviously couldn’t just start swinging a sledgehammer at James Caan’s leg they created a silicone leg that could be hit.

Our client wanted to recreate the bed during the scene so we spent tons of time finding the proper style of rope for the bed, the correct bed frame, the right sort of (lightweight foam prop) sledgehammer, the sweat pants, the color of the wood stain, etc. We used as many references photos as we could get and winced as we watched that particular scene over and over again, looking for details. Our client was an artist themselves and since we weren’t able to find an exact match for the sheets they actually custom hand painted the sheets so they were a perfect replica to the screen used set!  The final display is sliced right out of the film scene and just looking at this movie prop makes you go, “ouch!”

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A few words from our client…

Mr. Spina… Excuse my French but that looks $#@&-ing incredible!! I’m literally lost for words! I’m going to take some time and enjoy the photographs but please go ahead and wrap that bad boy up. Good job Tom!! Thank all of your crew for me too please.

Darren- Private Collector of Movie Props and Costumes