Phantasm Movie Props Display

A Custom Themed Display for a Pair of Classic Phantasm Movie Props

Our client sent us a pair of really cool original Phantasm movie props including a latex dwarf mask and one of the Tall Man’s sentinel spheres. He was looking for a unique way to showcase these great props together but still capture some of the spirit of the movie and bring some life to the display.

With his large collection he wanted to keep the display fairly tight without looking overcrowded. Space is often a forgotten aspect when people are looking for displays. We’d hate to make an incredible display for someone and have them not able to fit it in their collection room!

Before we started to create the display, we needed to created a custom support to fill out the zombie dwarf mask and do a bit of conservation work. Over time without proper support latex masks can crack or warp and getting them properly supported is the best way to keeping them looking great over the years. We also treated several hairline cracks and areas of the mask that were showing signs of stress, reinforcing them from the inside. We also recreated the robes that the demonic dwarves wear throughout the film to better show off the mask with some context of how it looked on screen.

For the display, we wanted to create something that would bring the props together cohesively. We took out inspiration from the Red Planet, the home of the Tall Man. We used actual river rocks to replicate the look of the stone ground seen in the film. The look was great but it did make the display really heavy! We also added faux metal pylons on either side, to recreate the Dimensional Fork… the gateway to the Tall Man’s world!

When it came time to mount the flying death sphere, we got really lucky as this one was a special effects sphere. There was cut out in the back which gave us access to the mounting point used during the film’s effects. Using that, we were able to use to give the impression that it was floating with an aluminum bracket connected to our beautiful red landscape pulled from the film.

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