Sweeney Todd Movie Prop Pies

One of the best, worst pies in London! A custom display for one of the Sweeney Todd movie prop pies.

We love creating themed displays to give props context and enhance how our clients can showcase their collection!  We created one such display for one of the screen used Sweeney Todd movie prop pies used in the Tim Burton film. Sweeney Todd is Tim Burton’s take on Stephen Sondheim’s chilling musical about a barber (Johnny Depp) who decides to take revenge on all of those people who had wronged him in the past.  He uses the barber shop to lure in his victims and then Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) helps him dispose of the bodies, by baking them into meat pies.

When faced with the question of how to display one of the movie prop pies, we decided to create a place setting you might see at Mrs. Lovett’s meat pie shop. We started with a real wood base made to look like an aged table. Since her shop is not exactly in the best part of town and nothing about this film is pristine we chose to age and distress the wood. Several techniques were used to create a natural, well used look, then stain was added and paint for further weathering. We sourced the plate and silverware but then modified and distressed them to fit the Sweeney Todd look and the era in which the movie takes place. We also a subtle blood splattering because it is, Burton’s Sweeney Todd after all!  Instead of a typical metal plaque you might find in a movie prop display, we went with clipping of an advertisement for the pie shop. We aged the paper and the post so that every thing looked as if it came right out of the film.  Bon Appetit!

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