Edward Scissorhands Gloves Themed Prop Display

A custom themed movie prop display for a pair of screen used Edward Scissorhands gloves

This themed movie prop dispay base was designed to mimic the look of The Inventor’s work bench and it is the perfect way to display these screen used Edward Scissorhands gloves from the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp classic film!

We began by carving out a rigid EPS foam disk for the base.  To that we added the carved texture to give the look of a chunky old wooden workbench. Once we were happy with the look of the planks of the table, we coated the entire thing to give it more stability as well as a more realistic textured surface and finish.

For this piece we wanted the wood to look like it had come out of the dingy workshop of  Edward’s creator.  Layered paint settled into into the sculpted wood-grain style grooves and gives the pieces depth and character.

We wanted to add several details to the display which echo elements seen on the inventor’s workbench. So we added several springs, nuts and bolts, as well a vintage pair of pliers from our own toolbox at the studio! Several straps of leather and buckles make a nice reference to Johnny Depp’s signature costume as the lead in the film, Edward.

The prop scissor hand gloves were mounted on hand forms attached to a thick acrylic block bearing the logo of  Stan Winston Studio (the creators of the costume in real life!).  To help the prop really pop and stand out on the base we added a red microsuede square base for a pop of color against the dark wooden base.

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