Top Secret Val Kilmer Head Prop Display

Shhhh! A restoration and custom acrylic display case for a Top Secret Val Kilmer head prop.

This Top Secret Val Kilmer head was created by Stuart Freeborn for the comic scene where Kilmer’s character is trying to escape prison by going into a vent and ends up with his head coming out of a toilet. The fiberglass head casting was in fair condition, and the client wanted to keep things as original as possible. Since our studio is known for conservation and restoration of movie effects props, he did ask us to seal and repair the fragile foam latex ears and touch up a little bit of the paint, especially around the hairline. He also asked for hair!

So we had a custom wig created just for this prop Kilmer head! He had his measurements taken, and tried on several until we found the perfect color. Then the custom wig makers then created the wig, and cut and styled it into the perfect replica of Val’s 1984 version of a 1950’s rocker hairstyle in a WWII setting!

We offer custom acrylic display cases and when it came to this prop’s display, the client wanted something sleek and museum style but with a plaque and hint of theming.  We could not resist adding the subtle reference to the the film by adding the black toilet seat cover to the back of the custom acrylic case. We finished the display off with a custom designed metal printed plaque.  For any other studio, receiving a head in a box, then making a wig for it and putting it in front of a toilet seat cover to match a prison scene from an 198o’s comedy movie may seem weird, but for us, it’s business as usual!

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From the makers of the original "Airplane!" (not the Wright brothers)

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A few words from our client…

Thank you Melissa, Christine, Tom, and anyone else who had a hand in this. It looks amazing… The customer service, expertise, and artistic vision were top notch. I’ll definitely come to you guys again for any future projects. Thank you!