Worf Makeup Appliance Restoration & Bust

A custom display for an original Worf  makeup appliance, to boldly display what no one had displayed before!

A restoration and custom display of an original Worf makeup appliance from the series Star Trek, The Next Generation. Lieutenant Worf is the Klingon chief security officer played by Michael Dorn. The character had a very different look than many of his Klingon predecessors, both in the Star Trek films and series. Though the Kligons in the Star Trek films had their large ridged foreheads the species was redesigned again this time by Michael Westmore for The Next Generation series.

When the cowl and nose piece arrived in our studio they were in fair condition especially considering that it was at one point glued to the actor’s face. But there were some cracks and tears (common with this sort of foam latex television prop) that would need attention. It was also not being supported properly which left the delicate edges susceptible to damage. So that was our first step. We created a custom foam head support based off the the actor’s head size so the piece could gently rest and help take pressure off of the foam.

Once the piece was on its new display head we were able to address the cracks and the one larger piece which had separated from the rest of the foam latex headpiece. We reattached that piece and repaired several of the smaller cracks, supporting areas as needed with small internal fabric patches.  Since the surface of  the cowl were in fairly good condition, the repairs did not require much paint touch up.  The end result is a clean, simple display for an important sci-fi prop!

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