Custom Formed Face Display Stand With Acrylic Riser

When displaying a mask sometimes all you need is a custom formed face display stand.

Not all mask or prosthetic displays have to be large and elaborate. Sometimes you may not have the space for a large themed display, or you are looking for a more cost effective option. Sometimes you are just looking for a simple display which will help maintain the integrity of the mask. For certain movie props, a custom formed face display stand (shown here with clear acrylic riser) can be a perfect option.

If we are lucky enough to be able to get a lifecast of the actor that originally wore the mask we can vacuform a clear face from that, to create the perfect fit for your movie or television used prosthetics. The goal is always to create a form that properly support the latex or delicate foam latex over time.  We angle the acrylic and clear plastic face form backward to allow gravity to hold the mask or face appliance in place (and to minimize stress on the prop over time).

If we are unable to get a life cast of the specific actor, we can modify a generic face mold so that it still provides the optimum level of support to theses fragile makeup pieces and give you a way to both display and help preserve your bit of movie prop history!

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