Interview with at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Interview with at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

We were excited that Tom was invited to the huge Star Wars Celebration Anaheim this year.  A host of our cantina alien masks and custom costumes used for a variety of videos and interviews. In addition to our work on the Verizon live stream sets, Tom was also invited to speak at several panels including: “The Sequel to Cantinarchaeology” with Pablo Hidalgo from the Lucasfilm Story Group. During this panel they shared dozes of rare and never before seen behind the scenes images and prop photos. He also spoke at the “Original Star Wars Prop and Costume Collecting” panel along with Gus Lopez, as well as Stephen Lane and Brandon Alinger from The  Prop Store of London.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, Tom also had the honor of being interviewed for the live stream of the event. You can find that video below or on the Star Wars Youtube page!

Click here to see more about our cantina alien costumes at the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

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