King Kong Gorilla Themed Furniture & Hand Chairs

The King Kong home theater – Gorilla themed furniture and hand chairs!

Giant ape hand chairs for adults and kids are just part of this great set of foam gorilla themed furniture made to honor the classic King Kong at the Monsterpalooza trade show!  We wanted to pay tribute to Willis O’brien’s work on the original 1933 film and one of our favorite stop-motion characters of all time!

In addition to the custom themed wall mount for the TV set which was inspired by the wall built by the natives of Skull Island, we wanted to be sure that our statue head paid homage to the tiny puppet from the 1933 King Kong and not be mistaken for the 1976 or 2005 movie styles.  We created a carved foam prop that looks like the stop motion puppet blown up at a giant size!  The hands were also styled after a classic movie style and the chairs are big enough for adults and kids!  Just ask all the folks who stopped by to sit and rest during the trade show!

We saw so many great folks at the show, but a very special guest was brought by our old pal (and movie historian) Bob Burns!  Bob brought the original, 1933 puppet armature (the actual prop used in the film) to the event and posed him for pics with our themed furniture!

From architectural elements to giant characters and animals, we can create a wide variety of large scale foam sculptures.  This ape-themed set was made as an example of our particular style of custom furniture, integrating props and movie-styled theming into your home or trade-show decor.  Our incredibly unique themed furniture pieces and props can capture the look of stone, wood, gorilla skin and more!

Concept for this ape furniture set by Tom Spina and Richard Riley, with the foam carving and fabrication by Richard and James Riley.  Fabric Fur provided by the incredible folks at National Fiber TechnologySpecial thanks to Jeff and Lauren Wehenkel and Art Andrews for their help during set up the props at the show!

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