Frozen Ice Cave Custom Dog Bed for Chubbs the Wampug

A frozen ice themed custom dog bed!

Last Halloween, our friends Art and Kristin made a fabulous Star Wars costume for their pet pug, Chubbs.  They turned the pug into a Wampa from the frozen wastelands of Hoth!  They put a brief video up on Youtube and in no time at all, it racked up over a million views!

To congratulate Chubbs ( on her newfound stardom, we decided to create her a very special custom dog bed in a frozen winter wonderland style to compliment her incredibly cute Hoth “Wampug” costume.

We’re told Chubbs loves the bed (she always liked sleeping on high ground) and sleeps in it every night.  A happy pug and happy client are two things we’ll never take for granted at TSD!

Of course, with this foam prop bed and just a little tweaking, we could do all sorts of sci-fi and superhero looks!  She could make for quite a Super-Pug next Halloween, with her very own Fortress of Pug Solitude. Should she ever want to be Bat-Pug, with a little paint, I’m sure we could make a Bat-Pug-cave out of this one as well!  And don’t get us started on the whole Frozen craze! ;)

We were so excited to see this  Huffington Post article about Chubbs and our custom dog bed!

Credits: Concept by Tom Spina, Fabrication by Richard Riley, Special thanks to Chubbs! 

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