Big Ben Custom Foam Trade Show Model Prop

A giant Big Ben custom foam trade show model made for a London themed New Years event!

This foam prop is a hand carved ten foot tall sculpture of the famed London clock tower!  Our Big Ben custom foam trade show model was created as incredible decor for a London-themed New Years Eve event. The promoter for the huge party came to us to help build up authentic theming with one of a kind foam props!

Sculptor Rich Riley carved the entire model by hand to match the actual clock tower. The layered foam pieces were then hard coated with a durable polyurea spray coating.  From there, the prop was hand painted to look like the various metal and stone architectural elements, then weathered with layers of aging to look more realistic. The whole statue was then carefully crated for shipment to the party.  We balanced the level of detail on our foam carving with our client’s budget and the needs of the party.  While it didn’t have to be movie camera-ready, we did want to give him the best bang for the buck.  We wound up creating a prop that has slightly more of the look a realistic movie model than a more traditional (more simplified and cartoony) party theme prop.  And, of course, our theme prop Big Ben’s clock faces even light up & keep time!  The prop was a big hit at the big party, and our props usually are!  We can create custom sculptures like this for parties and events, museums or TV/Film productions or even for your home!

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