Mini Golf Props – Governor’s Ball Music Festival

A set of custom foam carved mini golf props for the 2016 Governor’s Ball Music Festival.

We have had the pleasure of working with the folk over at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival on several projects over the past few years, including one of our favorite projects, our  Giant Foam Statue of Liberty Prop. We were excited to create with them again this year, adding a little bit of theming and NYC flair via custom mini golf props for the Randall’s Island mini golf course during the show.

Working with a provided budget, we brainstormed based on their New York themes including several options for sports props and movie themed props as obstacles for the course. They chose sports mascot Mr. Met, movie monster King Kong, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, and a giant foam pair of Patrick Ewing’s sneakers with an oversized basketball. An onsite visit with our clients firmed up the designs ensured our props and mini golf obstacles would fit perfectly.

Lead artists for this project Patrick Louie and Todd Rex began each prop with a simple block of EPS styrofoam. Our artists carved them all by hand, adding sculpted details into the foam props, then hand sanding and smoothing the pieces.  We made sure to make tunnels for the golf balls through some of the props too, of course!  The carved mini golf props were then durably coated.  For the Marshmallow Man, Mr.Met, the basketball and the sneakers we hand painted them all. Starting with a base coat and then adding off the details to bring the pieces to life.

With King Kong we started similarly, hand painting details on his hand and face. Then we added acrylic faux gorilla fur to the giant ape prop’s head and hand. A crushed metal 1930’s airplane in Kong’s ape hand added another reference to the climatic Empire State Building scene in the 1933 King Kong film!  We hope everyone who went to the event had a great show and that those who got to play a round of mini golf enjoyed our foam props!

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