Sarcophagus Prop Life Sized Mummy Sculpture

A life sized Mummy’s sarcophagus prop made from foam!

This realistic life-sized Egyptian mummy’s sarcophagus prop sculpture is another incredible foam prop by artist Richard Riley! A highly detailed tribute to old Mummy horror movies like those made by Hammer and Universal, the prop would look right at home with Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee or Lon Chaney inside! (we had to settle for Richard for our pics! ha!)

Completely hand carved in EPS foam by our sculptors, the Egyptian themed prop was hard coated with a plastic spray for durability and hand painted to give it a realistic aged appearance.  The prop is absolutely loaded with detail and texture and could make for a great movie prop or an amazing party/event prop or Halloween display!

We love the classic Universal Horror films but also the old 1920’s and 1930’s fascination with mummies, pyramids and all things Egypt and that style of art. This piece would look right at home in a study or man cave, or for a Halloween display at your business, store window or home!

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