Star Wars Shag Geeki Tiki Mask Props

Giant, hand carved SHAG Star Wars tiki mask props for our friends at Geeki Tikis

Last year, our friends over at Beeline Creative contacted us about making some large foam tiki props for a Hollywood store display. This year, we were proud to team up with them once again, but with the addition of one our favorite artists, Shag! Shag’s classic style has been an inspiration to our team for years and we were thrilled to bring his unique vision for four Star Wars characters to life as giant, 3 foot tall tiki mask props!

Shag teamed up with Beeline Creative to develop some amazing new art for their wildly popular (and cool!) Geeki Tikis line up. With San Diego Comic Con in mind, they came to us to enhance their trade show booth display with hand-carved foam props that would catch the eyes of Star Wars and tiki fans as they made their way through the convention.

Our lead foam artist, Rich Riley, started with large blocks of EPS foam and hot-wire cut the basic shapes out to get the overall forms and size for the prop tiki masks.  With hand rasping and shaping, he shaved and formed each mask to match Shag’s take on these iconic characters.  Throughout the process of making these tiki sculptures, we shared progress photos of the work with Beeline and Shag, getting approvals and feedback as we worked and ensuring the final art would be faithful to the source material and that everyone would be thrilled with the end results.

Each piece was coated with a hard resin shell for a durable surface and everything was then hand painted. Great care was taken to match the color and style of the original art. We painted with a very delicate balance between bright color and realistic aging on a tiki carving. The pieces needed to look like the art brought into the real world, even if that meant some of the colors needed a bit of distressing and toning.  The end result is small art brought to life in big foam and classic Shag style mixed with our favorite sci-fi icons!

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