Tiki Props – Sculpted Store Displays for Geeki Tikis

A set of larger than life hand carved tiki props inspired by Geeki Tikis

Here at Tom Spina Designs, I think it’s pretty clear that we love pop culture inspired anything! So when the brilliant folks over at Beeline Creative contacted us about making some larger than life tiki props for a new store display, it felt like a perfect match.

One of Beeline Creative’s most popular lines is their Geeki Tikis. They were looking to recreate a few of their pieces as large scale tiki props to decorate their incredible tiki pop up shop inside SWEET! Hollywood in California. We discussed with them some of their favorite characters, as well as their space and budget to make sure the pieces would fit the needs and their vision.

Using concept art from their amazing team, and even some of their merchandise as reference our lead foam artist Rich Riley started by sketching out the basic shapes onto large blocks of EPS foam. He then carved out each piece out by hand. Throughout the sculpting process we shared progress photos of the work. This way we could get feedback from our client and the license holders, to ensure we were being faithful to the design of each character.

Once the hand sculpting work was complete and the final sculpts signed off on, we gave each piece a hard resin shell which maintained the level of detail while providing a durable surface. Each piece was then given several layers of hand painted techniques to create a realistic faux aged wood look. The end result is a quirky and unique combination of tiki style and beloved pop culture icons, perfect for this one of a kind pop up store.

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