Beetlejuice Wedding Foam Party Props

Custom large foam prop Sandworm and claw sculpture for a Beetlejuice wedding!

Often our large foam props are created for trade shows, theme parks or corporate parties or events, but in some cases, we get to do something a bit more personal and special. This was one of those cases! Our client approached us a year in advance of her pending nuptials, scheduled for Halloween night!  The “Hallo-wedding” was slated to be a Beetlejuice Wedding and the officiant would be the ghost with the most, himself! With the soon-to-be bride, we dreamed up a series of large foam props that could be displayed at the party and give the event a great sense of theming an production value, and become photo-ops for the guests to snap pics with while they were having a great time.

With a budget in mind, we designed a handful of options, with our client eventually choosing to recreate Delia’s “dangerous art” by way of a life sized patina covered claw sculpture, and a giant sand worm in frightening full color! Each had to be recreated in true Tim Burton style and while we would never want to upstage a bride, we did want to be sure our creations would stand out and give the event some pop and fun!

Our lead foam artist, Richard Riley, created the pieces in EPS foam, carving each element and shaping the various details with rasps and tools by hand. The over eight foot long sandworm prop has a flat back. This helped keep the budget in check and is often a great idea for party and trade show pieces. Generally, only one side would be seen by the audience anyway, so invest in that side and simplify the back!

The foam pieces were both hard coated with a spray applied polyurea to give them some serious durability. Hand paint was applied to each to capture the look from the original pieces we were inspired by. This approach is one we use on an incredible array of event props and it can be used to create giant, eye-grabbing sculptures and characters for trade shows and exhibits, retailers, museums and corporate events, holiday displays…  and yes, even for weddings too!

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