Evil Ash Mask, Army of Darkness Foam Latex Restoration

An original, foam latex Evil Ash mask used in Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness restored!

When this classic horror/comedy movie prop arrived at our New York studio, half of the face was severely damaged. The jaw had even caved in. We conserved the Evil Ash mask by repairing and restoring the deteriorated foam latex face. Each restoration has its own challenges, and this prop was no different, as the piece was extremely inflexible & permanently stuck on a styrofoam head. The client asked us to create custom eyes to complete the piece for display.  We needed a unique solution for that, and we created flexible latex eyes to allow them to squeeze into the fragile foam latex sockets which could not flex to receive standard acrylic or glass eyes.  Evil Dead may not be the biggest Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s sure one of our favorite movies!

If you love Evil Dead like we do, you’ll want to see our restoration of an Army of Darkness Deadite mask too!

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