Maniac Cop 3 Movie Prop Mask Restoration

We restored this original movie prop Maniac Cop 3 mask used in the third film, aka Badge of Silence.

The Maniac Cop 3 mask arrived at our studio in fair condition, but certainly in need of stabilizing and conservation.  Made for famed cult actor Robert Z’dar, who plays Matt Cordell in the movie, the mask was torn and the large jaw was gaping.  We take a great deal of time to discuss restoration projects with our clients.  Based on the their desires and the specific condition of the original prop, we arrive at the proper techniques and style of restoration that is right for each particular piece of film history which we work to preserve.

For this piece the client wanted us to repair the jaw and cracks at the bridge of the nose and around the eyes.  He also asked us to add custom glass eyes to enhance the final display. We sculpted eyelids and mounted to piece to a custom foam display head to add stability and help the mask better hold its shape over time.  Support is often as important as things like patching and blending when it comes to conserving aging foam latex.  Cult movie or Hollywood blockbuster, we love preserving original movie masks and props!

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Yep, they made THREE Maniac Cop movies!

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