Creepshow Fluffy Costume Restoration and Display

Restoring and displaying the original Creepshow Fluffy Costume

Our client had two incredible film artifacts – the original “attack head” Fluffy puppet, and the original full-body Fluffy costume. Check out the conservation of  the original “attack head” Fluffy puppet here.  The Creepshow Fluffy costume, received a much bolder restoration treatment than the puppet head. The costume consists of the original body and underskull, completed with a foam latex face skin created by Greg Nicotero using original Fluffy creator, Tom Savini’s original molds. The hands are also from Savini’s original molds and cast in latex.  We performed a careful conservation of the costume, gently restoring post-production damage to his feet and chest and blended the new and old elements.

For the display, the client wanted something very big and heavily themed.  He tasked us with recreating the original crate from the film, and then creating a new, “modern” crate for Fluffy to be displayed within.  Ultimately, we created a stack of crates that tell a bit of a story.  Fluffy’s new home is a modern crate that echoes the original film crate, and its housed within a stack of other scenic prop style crates labeled with “easter egg” nods to the writers, directors and FX people responsible for his creation.  The stack of crates looks like it could be sitting in a warehouse or university somewhere, waiting for an unsuspecting janitor to drop a quarter and make an unfortunate discovery…

Very special thanks to our incredible client, Jack Morrissey, whose unmatched passion for the character and adventurous sense of creativity blended beautifully with ours and helped us create something truly special.  And to Brandon Alinger and the Propstore LA crew for their wonderful work packing and shipping the prop to our studio!

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