Fluffy The Crate Beast Contact Lens Display

A custom display for a screen used contact lenses for Fluffy The Crate Beast from Creepshow

We created this replica of Fluffy The Crate Beast and a slightly scaled down version of his classic wood crate to display a pair of screen used monster contacts. This project felt very familiar to us as we had previously conserved Fluffy’s puppet head from the film, as well as restored and displayed Fluffy’s original costume. So when our client contacted us to create this somewhat elaborate and over the top display, he knew he’d found the right studio for the job!

When we previously worked on the display for Fluffy’s costume we were able to use pieces cast from original Fluffy creator, Tom Savini’s, original molds. Once again we were able to source a latex face skin, which was cast by Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX Group using Savini’s original molds. When Fluffy’s face skin arrived we created a custom foam insert to help keep the head’s shape. We also had to sculpt in what would have been the actor’s eyelids and some of the surrounding areas as they were not a part of the monster skin. We then hand painted the head and added hand laid hair to match Fluffy’s signature movie look.

In order to preserve the contacts we had to get a little creative. For a “normal” head sculpture or bust, we would permanently attach the eyes. But since they were a screen used prop we wanted them to remain removable, so we created a pair of fabric pouches behind each eye opening, into which the delicate contacts could be slid.

And, of course, Fluffy the crate beast needs an old wood crate! Due to our client’s space restriction and the size of the contacts, we decided to do something slightly scaled down from the movie used crate. This way the focus was still on his eyes and it didn’t take up an entire room.  Lead artist on the project Steven Richter created a completely custom crate by hand. He worked to create a nearly exact replica on a smaller scale.

When the beautiful crate was finished it was time to destroy it!  He used various methods to distress the crate so it looked as thought it had been around for decades, as well as adding the crack which would frame the eyes.  Then it was time for everyone’s favorite part, adding lots of blood splatter!  (Patrick Louie got to do this part!).  To finish off the outside of the crate we added padlocks, chains and a stenciled on, aged shipping address. We added lighting elements to the inside which could be changed from a white light to give a better look at the contacts to blue and red light to give it a similar look to the original Creepshow style.

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A few words from our client…

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the crate!  Possibly the coolest thing in my room right now and it’s all because of you fine people. To turn a simple pair of contact lenses into this masterpiece….I don’t think there’s anything you guys can’t do.  I honestly do not.

Thank you once again for your professionalism and unmatched artistic abilities. I don’t know what I’d do without you all.

Kurt, Movie Prop Collector