An Ugnaught Mask from the Empire Strikes Back - Missing areas have been recreated and painstakingly color matched to the aged coloring of the mask.

Vintage on-set photos serve as excellent reference for the restoration and preservation work.

A screen used mask from the Empire Strikes Back. The bridge of the nose had torn, and several large areas were missing.

BEFORE: Original mask used in both the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi - in need desperate need of care

DURING: the restoration in progress, salvaging pieces and patching the missing areas

AFTER: The restored piece, carefully revived and partially repainted to a subtle mix of 1982 & 2005.

A hero Ugnaught, as seen in Empire Strikes Back.  When sent to TSD in 2006, the mask was in fragile & misshapen condition.

Focus was stabilization rather than restoration. Preservation of shape was achieved with a customized display head

Fabric holds formerly loose pieces in place & creates the impression of a complete mask without adding material.

Another original ugnaught used in The Empire Strikes Back, before and after a dramatic restoration.

Condition was very dry and discolored, with chunks rotted away or crumbling from poor storage.

Restoration was extensive, yet kept as much of the original intact as possible

An original foam latex Yoda hand, prior to restoration. Overall condition was good, but several areas needed attention.

a BEFORE and AFTER look at the hand. Repairs were made to the finger, thumb tip and wrist.

Two more AFTER pics: Care was taken to blend the repairs to the aged texture and color tones of the surrounding areas.

Star Wars Movie Prop and Mask Restoration and Preservation


We've also restored and displayed a variety of

pieces from many other films!

Gremlins and Gremlins 2

An American Werewolf

In London

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Dark Crystal



Star Trek


The Wolfman


and many more!

Restoring and preserving screen used original television and movie props as well as foam latex masks and costumes is a painstaking process.

Our approach emphasizes maintaining the integrity of the original and wherever possible preserving the original "feel" of the piece and evidence of age and use in a production.

The goal is not a result that looks "brand new" (the way a replica might look) but to gently bring a piece of history back to life... to make it look "great for its age." 

We have had the great honor to restore and/or preserve and display a number of original movie props, costumes and masks from the original Star Wars trilogy of films.

Some of our favorites are presented in this gallery.

We have years of experience in the field of restoration and stabilization of movie props and masks, specializing in foam latex restoration such as screen used pieces that have deteriorated with the passing of time.

Each restoration has its own challenges, so please contact us to discuss potential projects or inquire about  availability for on-site work.

We constantly research new techniques and materials in order to enhance the archival qualities of the work we do.

We strive to only use materials that are safe for the long term.

Wherever possible, our solutions are flexible, non-tacky when dry, non-yellowing and acid-free.

The tear in the top of the head and loose neck fur were repaired.  Great care was taken to make all of our work blend seamlessly with the original, aged material.

Missing sections of the nose and lips were rebuilt. Teeth and eyes were secured in their proper place.  The ears were stabilized and carefully reassembled so our work was invisible.

Another original Ewok mask from Star Wars, Return of the Jedi with tears and in extremely fragile condition, especially the ears, which were crumbling badly on arrival

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An original Tauntaun creature face used in Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back.  We've set up a dedicated gallery to this complex Star Wars movie prop restoration.

Full Gallery!

As always, we kept our work as subtle as possible and only retouched paint on the areas where we worked, leaving the prop mask as original as possible

An original ewok mask from Return of the Jedi, shown here before and during our restoration.  Subtle repairs were made to the lips, nose and ears, as well as structural repair to the dental pieces

In 2012, the mask's new owner asked us to take the restoration a little further, closing the gaps in the original material

As always, we carefully matched the textures and aged look of the existing movie prop

The completed mask, where our new patches have been  perfectly matched to the aged paint of the mask

An original latex alien mask and hands from Star Wars, A New Hope, 1977.  This was one of the "Modal Nodes" band members in the infamous cantina scene.

The latex hands required some subtle restoration, carefully blended for a near invisible repair, we also archivally mounted the hands to help with preservation.

We professionally mounted the head as well, incorporating the wood production-used stand but adding filling and an archival "bump" to support the bib.

An original Rick Baker latex devil mask most known as a cantina alien from Star Wars, 1977.  We performed cleaning and preservation work.

The mask's shape had distorted over time. We gently coaxed it into a more displayable position and foam filled it for long term stability.

A pair of original props from The Phantom Menace, these Gorgs were lightly restored, sealed and then displayed on a custom themed base.

An original cantina alien mask during preservation & light repair. Great attention was paid to the textures used by Phil Tippett, who created the mask for the film.

Maria Teran carefully cleaned and gently restored this prop. The character is named "M'iiyoom Onith" but the '77 crew called it Yam Nose on set.

After our work, the mask displays beautifully. A screenshot above shows the character in the film.