Custom Lighted Display Bases for Star Wars Statues

A pair of custom lighted display bases for a private collector’s replica Star Wars statues.

We created these custom lighted display bases for a private collector who was looking for a unique way to display their life sized Star Wars statues. We decided to take inspiration from the carbon-freezing chambers in Cloud City on Bespin. The Carbon-freezing chambers  where Han Solo in famously encased in carbonite feature dot-dash patterned lighted grate walkways. We thought they would make the perfect lighted displays and came up with the curved wedge shape seen here.

Often, we create custom mannequins for original movie costumes (screen used wardrobe worn in the film) but sometimes a client has a replica costume or their own cosplay outfits.  Those may be costumes with unique fit requirements, which can only be displayed on a custom fiberglass or foam body. Other times, it’s a cool character from a film with a great theme and they’d like to turn their costume into a life sized statue or even a diorama for their home theater or collection room.  Whatever the source, we love helping folks take their costumes out of storage, off the hanger and onto a great custom mannequin!

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