Lycan Underworld Movie Costume Custom Display

Custom mannequin created to display a foam latex Lycan Underworld movie costume.

One of our clients had this Lycan Underworld movie costume from Underworld 3, Rise of the Lycans. Werewolf costumes are always challenging to display, and this foam latex Lycan was no exception.  We set about creating a custom mannequin to make a display to really bring their piece to life.

Since the Lycans are essentially werewolves and have more wolf like legs than human, the actors had to wear specially designed stilts which allowed the legs to bend in more of a “dog leg” shape (sometimes called digitigrade stilts). The stilts also gave the actors more height so the werewolves were towering and intimidating. This particular lycan display stands over 7 and a half feet tall!

The extra bend in the werewolves legs meant creating a completely custom mannequin with not quite a human anatomy to support the legs.  Unable to go through the feet, we needed to hide pipes behind each leg’s heel, that connected to the body form within to support the Lycan statue. This mannequin also featured poseable arms and fingers which allows the client some ability to repose the figure to his taste.  A themed base completed the project, creating an impressive life-sized display that enhanced this amazing Underworld movie costume’s value and impact!

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