Predator Costume Custom Mannequin & Themed Display

A custom Predator costume display for a latex replica costume.

Turning a client’s cosplay costume into a life-sized statue!  Our client had a Predator costume and was looking for a unique way to display the large latex replica costume based on character’s appearance in the Alien vs. Predator movie. Due to the weight and size of the Predator costume and armor we had to created a reinforced custom mannequin which could support the costume. We altered the height and also wanted the mannequin to have a pose and stance that looked natural and made sense for the character.

We specialize in custom mannequins for hard-to-display costumes like latex and foam latex creature suits, either screen used movie costumes or even cosplay and high-end Halloween costumes.  Once the custom mannequin was built, we wanted to give the display some theming and context!  We created a faux stone base to support the heavy mannequin as well as ann another layer of detail to the statue.  The top of the base is carved to look like large stone blocks, while the sides of the base features a design which is loosely based on alien looking symbols.  The display is finished off with a human skull and a speared alien head, to show who really is the superior species… for now!

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Who would win in a battle between the Alien and the Predator?

Download the movie and see!

A few words from our client…

The Eagle has landed.  The Fat Lady has sung.  I did receive the packages yesterday, and I did have a chance to put the Predator together.  I LOVE IT!!!  It is sitting in my family room in all its full glory!!!  Thank you so much.  It was worth every penny to see my wife’s look of wonder, awe, and total disgust!!!  Truly PRICELESS. Regards and Thanks, John

John in Florida - Movie Prop and Costume Collector