AVP Predator Helmets Custom Prop Displays

A pair of custom displays for two screen used movie prop Predator helmets from the 2004 film Alien Vs. Predator.

We created these  themed, carved foam, faux stone display plaques for a pair of screen used Predator Helmets from Alien Vs. Predator. In the pics you’ll see the bio-helmet known as “Scar” and the other, called, “Celtic.”  The helmets were beautifully painted for the AVP film and even though they were cast in a lightweight fiberglass, they had the look of real, weathered metal!

To display these very cool helmet props, we created two wall mounted plaques from hand carved EPS foam. The styrofoam not only gives the plaque a very realistic stone texture but it also kept the weight low which made hanging the display easier. We then coated each base to give it durability and even more of a true rocky texture. We then added several different layers of paint to enhance the stone look and give the whole thing a feeling of age and character, much like the masks!  We wanted the two plaques to be cohesive and look like they were a set but also give each display it’s own look. To give the plaques another element we added a design down the side of each inspired by the Predator language.  The characters were carved into the foam and accented with paint.  To cleverly hang the bio-helmets, we made use of velcro straps from each plaque connecting to the existing, production used velcro inside the masks. Hidden pieces of EVA foam (an archival precaution) helps ensure the masks sit against that material and not our painted foam.

We love finding themed ways to showcase otherwise challenging to display movie props like these Predator bio-helmets from AVP.  Just think what we can do to help you display your prop or memorabilia collection!

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