Silent Hill Dark Nurse Costume Custom Mannequin

A creepy, sexy custom mannequin and themed base for an original Silent Hill dark nurse costume.

This fiberglass custom mannequin was created to display for an original Silent Hill dark nurse costume worn in the 2006 mystery horror film. Silent Hill is based off a video game of the same name and tells the story of a woman searching for her daughter in the stage and other worldly town of Silent Hill.  Our client brought us the entire screen used costume worn in the film, including the latex dress, foam latex mask, shoes, latex nurse hat and metal prop knife. They wanted to display their costume in a way that would pay homage to the original look of the dark nurses in the film.

We started by creating a mannequin which fit the measurements of the actress who wore the costume originally. We then custom painted the mannequins’s arms, legs and chest to match the veiny dead skin makeup that the actress had in the film. We also mounted the screen used mask to the mannequin head to complete the look.  The finished custom mannequin is dynamically posed and fits the costume perfectly. It truly captures the “creepy but sexy” look from the film.

To complete the display we went with a simple but themed base. We chose an industrial looking vinyl tile to create a similar look to a hospital floor but then we distressed the tiles to give them a more grungy eerie look. Whether it’s someone’s cosplay or Halloween costume, or an original movie costume like this one, we can create the ultimate display for you!

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