Custom Mannequin for Silent Hill Miner Costume

A custom display mannequin for a screen used Silent Hill Miner costume.

For this original Silent Hill Miner costume we created a custom mannequin and themed base for the detailed, heavy costume. We’ve created several displays for original Silent Hill movie costumes and each has a wonderful creepy vibe about it. The Miner costume is no exception!  The bulky copper toned costume is covered in what looks like moss or slime.

We created a custom themed base to match our Dark Nurse costume display, including similarly aged and broken industrial tiles with wood subfloor showing through. This base had one added feature, a giant rubber movie prop bug! The insect prop was also used in the movie and was added to this life-sized display to give it one extra bit of creep factor!

The custom mannequin even features a detailed face, with added bloodshot glass eyes.  The terrified eyes of the character show through the round lenses of the prop gas mask, mirroring the iconic scene from the movie.  We used a pair of completely custom created blood shot, glass eyes to give the display the ultimate level of realism when you look at him up close.  Whether you have a movie costume like this one, or just a high end cosplay or Halloween costume, we can turn your outfit into a custom character for your home theater, trade show or retail space!

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