Silent Hill Girl Movie Costume Display

 A custom display mannequin for a original Silent Hill girl movie costume.

This Silent Hill girl movie costume, worn by actress Jodelle Ferland in the 2006 horror film, came to us in need of a custom display figure. For this project instead of going for a hyper realistic statue we chose to use one of the film’s posters as the inspiration. Creating a statue with the creepy “no mouth” look and cracked skin that looked more like an evil oil painting come to life.

To bring the famed Silent Hill girl to life for this display, the statue began with a custom sculpted head created by sculptor Steven Richter. He used reference photos of the actress as well as the film’s poster to help him turn the 2 dimensional film poster into a 3 dimensional sculpture.

Once the head was sculpted, we began the painting process. We created a cracked texture over all of the skin areas. The subtle texture added a creepy element and also helped to really give that feel of a living oil painting. Usually with realistic statues and sculptures we add acrylic or glass eyes to bring a life like quality. But with this statue we wanted to better match the faux reflections of the poster, so they were hand painted directly on the head by artist Melissa Dooley. We finished off the head sculpture with a custom styled wig to match the look of the Silent Hill girl in the movie.

We created a custom mannequin who would not only fit the dress perfectly but also the shoes. The shoes are sometimes an over looked detail, because it just seems like common sense that mannequin feet would easily fit into shoes. But they don’t have the flexibility that real feet do and so they can provide their own challenges. The finished display is a very creepy, but very awesome way to display this unique movie costume!  She’s right at home among our client’s other life-sized Silent Hill movie costume displays!

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