Edward Scissorhands Costume Display

A custom mannequin for a screen0-used Johnny Depp Edward Scissorhands costume

We created a custom mannequin to display this screen used Edward Scissorhands costume worn by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s classic film. Depp’s original movie costume was featured in the scene when Kevin takes Edward to school for Show & Tell. In that scene he is wearing the character, Bill’s borrowed clothing over his own signature leather suit so that is what our client wanted to recreate for his display.

We started by creating the custom body form to match Depp’s thin frame and approximate measurements from that 1990 era. This custom mannequin build came with it’s own challenge because the movie costume was meant to look oversized, and so we couldn’t just make the mannequin to fit the size of the costume’s pieces, which is how we normally work. In this case, it was about getting the right drape rather than the right fit.

The client provided us with a likeness bust of Edward, which we attached to our now custom body form. We did a little bit of additional hair styling and touchup on the paint so that it it blended cohesively with the rest of our statue and really reflected Johnny Depp’s look in the 1990 movie.

To create the movie character’s signature scissor hands, we started with a replica pair of hands from Hollywood Collectibles Group.  Because of the weight of the polystone material they were made of, not only did the hands require heavy modification but the mannequin’s arms did as well, to be able to support the hands. We also punched up the realism on the paint for the reproduction scissor hands.

The client wanted to give the look of Edward Scissorhands’ signature body suit underneath the screen worn movie costume. He sent along we a standard replica costume for us to work with. We modified that for a more snug fit and heavily distressed it to look closer to the original black costume Johnny Depp wore in the movie. A simple black base completes the figure and the final display looks like a still from the film!

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