Silent Hill Pyramid Head Costume Custom Mannequin

A custom mannequin display for an original Silent Hill pyramid head costume.

This custom display was created for a screen used Silent Hill pyramid head costume. The pyramid head or Red Pyramid as he’s also known is one of the most iconic characters from the video game and was one of the mostly highly anticipated characters in the film.

Our client had the right arm, chest and back prosthetics, as well as the character’s signature helmet. Our first job was to mount the prosthetics to the custom mannequin.The character carries a large sword in his right hand and it makes his arm much more muscular. To create this look on actor Roberto Campanella, make up artists created a one sleeved prosthetic  which created the look that his arms were two different sizes. We mounted that sleeve to the mannequin.  Once the pieces were all mounted we painted and scarred the bare arm so that it blended seamlessly with the prosthetic pieces.

The skirt was created with a leathery feel and heavily distressed to match the look seen in the film.  A base hidden beneath the skirt holds the very top-heavy statue upright.  We’ve had the fortune to work on a number of creepy costumes from the Silent Hill movies and love creating life-sized statues from these amazing screen used costumes!

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