Twilight Bella Costume Display Mannequin

Customized Mannequin for Twilight Bella Costume

A custom mannequin created to display a  Twilight Bella costume from the 2008 film. This screen used movie costume was worn by actress Kristen Stewart in the famous meadow scene with Robert Pattinson. Like many original film costumes, the challenge in this display was the size of the wardrobe itself. Kristen Stewart’s small frame meant a completely customized mannequin made to fit each of the costume pieces so that the garments were well supported and properly draped.

Our client requested a neutral look, which we always like for this type of wardrobe. That meant a headless form, and plain white paint on the custom fiberglass mannequin. We also had to modify the feet to fit within the shoes provided and make sure the display worked with shoes and gloves both on and off (a special request of the client).

Since mannequin bodies don’t bend and fit into clothes the way an actual person does, it is really important to get the fit just right and consider break down and assembly of the fiberglass body form. Any unnecessary pressure from an ill fitting mannequin can stretch or damage the costume over time or during dressing. This is one of the reason we never create our display’s to fit an actor’s recorded measurements but to the measurements of the physical costume. This reverse engineering process allows us to create a mannequin with the perfect fit. We’re the go-to source for custom mannequins and challenging movie costume displays, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your challenge!

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