Bride of Re-Animator Prop Conservation & Display

A custom display and conservation of a Bride of Re-Animator Prop

This custom display was built to exhibit this unique Bride of Re-Animator prop head from the 1990 cult classic. Our client wanted a themed display that would evoke the creepy feeling of Dr. Herbert West and Dr. Dan Cain’s laboratory. So we took our inspiration from the scene where Dr Hill’s head complete with bat wings bursts through a brick wall.

Before we could begin work on the display we performed a gentle conservation on the head prop. Overall the foam latex mechanized head was in pretty good shape but he had a few areas that just needed to be touched up for added stability. Lead artist for this project Patrick Louie, also reinforced the puppet’s wings to better support them and so they could be out stretched for a more dramatic display. Maria Teran and Melissa Ocampo also worked on the conservation, gently sealing and helping preserve the prop, and also doing very minor touch ups requested by the client.

When the conservation process was complete it was time to move on to creating the themed display.  Patrick started with a prefabricated rigid foam faux brick wall. He added the hole to keeping the edges very jagged and natural. He then resculpted and painted any of the newly exposed material to match the surrounding brick. A wooden shelf was added, with custom graining and distressing by hand. He finished the shelf with a custom paint scheme and a pair of aged brackets.

The client sent us some wonderful bits of Re-animtor replica props to give a lab-vibe, including the reagent bottles and syringe, along with the finger-eyeball creature. We added additional mad doctor lab props like test tubes and such to balance out the display. Rubble and broken bricks glued in place re-inforce the look of the head smashing through the wall just like in the film!

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