Dracula Vampire Fangs Prop Display

A custom, creepy themed display for a set of vampire fangs worn by Gary Oldman as the titular character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

A small, but truly iconic costume element worn by one of the screen’s greats, Gary Oldman! Since the vampire fangs are a relatively small movie prop, it was important to come up with a themed display that would not overwhelm or take the focus from the “star of the show.” We also wanted to include the dental casting that the fangs were made from, as while it wasn’t featured in the film it is an important part of the piece’s history and also a great way to add additional context to the acrylic vampire teeth.

For this display we took our inspiration from the Gothic stone architecture of Dracula’s castle. Artist Patrick Louie began by carving the base out of rigid foam and other elements. He created a trio of gothic columns full of cracks and chips to give it the grit and destruction associated with the epitome of all vampires. He also added created the channel where the fangs would sit so they were at the perfect angle for display. Once the sculpting was finished the piece was coated to give it strength as well as the stone texture.

The base was then painted in a realistic stone finish complete with layers of aging and distressing.  A lining was added to the prop’s “seat” at the top of the display, to protect the production made dental casting. The finishing touch to this movie prop showcase was a custom designed full color plaque that was attached with bronze nail heads.

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