Charlie Chaplin Cane Custom Display Case

A custom vintage inspired display for this iconic Charlie Chaplin cane movie prop.

Our client had an original Charlie Chaplin cane and was looking for a way to display such an iconic piece of Hollywood history. According to the auction house which sold the piece, although Chaplin used several canes throughout his films most of them were destroyed or lost during production, which makes this piece all the more unique. Our client also had a beautiful carved vintage cabinet with a glass door that they wanted to turn into the display case. Our job was to  create a display which looked cohesive with the vintage cabinet but also kept the cane as the focus.

We started with a black and white photo of Chaplin in his older age where he is prominently displaying the cane. We decided that we would enlarge that to life size and use a pair of acrylic display posts to line the actual prop up with the cane in the photo. The finished effect looked like the cane was coming right out of the photo. The clear acrylic supports also ensured that none of the cane would be covered up in the display. We also personalized the display with a Charlie Chaplin quote “Take my stick, Charlie the Tramp is dead and I don’t need it anymore.” Chaplin said this when he gifted the cane prop to the original owner.

The end result was a beautiful sleek display which looks right at home in its vintage cabinet.

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