Hollow Man Mask Display Bust

A custom created bust made to display Kevin Bacon’s signature silicone Hollow Man mask.

We created a custom display head to support this iconic silicone Hollow Man mask worn by Kevin Bacon in the 2000 reimagining of the classic invisible man story. In the film, Bacon’s fellow scientists create a latex-like mask for him so they can tell where he is after he becomes invisible.

When this heavy silicone Hollow Man mask arrived in our studio it was clear that it had not been properly supported. The stand that it arrived on was a production used stand which is fine for short term storage but over time the entire mask had become stretched out and misshapen. You could actually see the outline of the stand in the shape of the top of the mask.

We created a custom foam insert the was based on the dimensions of the mask’s original shape. We then began the careful mounting process. We were sure to add support in the “bib” (shoulder/chest) area of the mask, as that would also help minimize gravity’s effects over time.  The final display is a much better fit for the movie prop mask, and you can still see a bit of Kevin Bacon’s face showing through the mask in the end!

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Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue star in this modern take on the invisible man.

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