The Exorcist Movie Prop Acrylic Display Case

A custom acrylic display case and themed diorama for a The Exorcist movie prop tongue prosthetic.

Just another normal day at TSD, when a tongue arrives in the mail! We were commissioned by one of our clients to create a custom themed and acrylic display for this The Exorcist movie prop. The tongue was used by Linda Blair’s possessed character Regan in the classic 1973 horror film and created by one of our idols, Dick Smith, the Godfather of movie makeup effects!

The client was looking for an acrylic case to help preserve the foam latex prothetic, and we suggested adding some themed elements to give the piece a bit more visual interest and fun.  It’s a foam latex rubber tongue, after all!  We suggested turning the back of the case into a custom backdrop using the poster from the movie for inspiration, as well as a screen cap of Blair wearing the makeup in the film. Artist Melissa Dooley worked hand in hand with our client to create a backdrop which they were happy with and worked perfectly with the placement of the display for the prosthetic.

To display the special effects tongue prop, we had to create a custom archival support, since it was such a strange shape. We used a bit of EVA foam, shaped to fit inside the fragile foam latex prop.  For the themed element, if you will excuse the pun, we got a little tongue-in-cheek! The client loved the idea of added sculpted “pea soup” splatter to the base and we created that in sculpted form, painting it in a mix of pea greens and yellows.  A beautiful acrylic display case covers this piece of movie makeup (and horror!) history and will help preserve it over time. The end result is an acrylic and themed display that gives a rare prop some great visual context and fun!!

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