Wrath of Khan Movie Costume Botany Bay Display

KHAAAN!!!! A custom life sized display bust for a screen used Wrath of Khan movie costume.

We were asked to create a display bust for this screen used Wrath of Khan movie costume from the second Star Trek movie. The Wrath of Khan follows Captain Kirk(William Shatner) and his crew as they take on fan favorite villain Khan Noonien Singh played by Ricardo Montalban.

Rather than a simple mannequin head or post display, we created a custom life sized head and shoulders form to help support an display the costume pieces.  Ricardo Montalban’s head dress from the movie was beautifully designed and made from layers of various fabrics, leather and even metal.  Using the shoulders of the form, we were able to drape the layers of fabric the way that they were originally seen on Montalban in the movie.

We chose to echo the desert land scape of the planet where Chekov and Captain Terrell originally encounter Khan. Ceti Alpha V was a baron landscape of red rock in a unique angled look. We hand carved foam to create a base the emulated the slanted asymmetrical rock formations seen in the film.  Naturally, this look was also seen in many of the Star Trek films and television shows and that helped give our display a decidedly Star Trek feel to it!  We also chose to add a distressed SS Botany Bay plaque as a tribute to Kahn’s starship, which was stranded on the planet so many years before (leading to the “wrath” in the title!).  We were honored to work with such an iconic movie costume and a real piece of science fiction history!

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