Iron Man 2 Hammer Drones Display

A customized display for one of the destroyed Iron Man 2 hammer drones.

Since these Iron Man 2 Hammer Drones were such large pieces and were no longer “attached” in one piece we had to come up with a cohesive design. The client opted not to rebuild the entire drone, as that would’ve covered all of the production “damage” and distressing applied to this intentionally destroyed prop.

Our display needed to incorporate all of the pieces in a single display, and hold up to the weight of the heavy fiberglass robot part props. We came up with a couple of different ideas which we discussed with our client. The design we finally decided to go with was the crate display. We wanted the display to look like the pieces of the drone had been collected, crated and sent back to Tony Stark’s lab for analysis.

We created several templates using sketches and physically laying out the movie prop drone on a cardboard mockup.  To ensure the sizes and styles were exactly what we wanted we had all of the crates custom made.  We then needed to create two sizes of stencils for the Stark Industries logos which would be featured on all of the crates.  We created a few support post for the legs and one of the arms, both to keep the already large movie prop display a little smaller and also to add visual interest so not all of the pieces were laying down.  It was a fairly simple concept but a very cool way to display otherwise challenging props!

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