Acrylic Display Case for Screen Used Jaws Prop

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water…. A custom display case for screen used Jaws prop goggles from 1975!

Our client was looking for the best way to display this pair of Jaws prop scuba goggles worn by Richard Dreyfuss as Hooper in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 blockbuster film! After discussing options with the client, we settled on a sleek, museum style.  When displaying original movie props, sometimes a clean, simple display can help keep all attention the screen used piece and not the display itself.

While lots of collectors have us create custom sized acrylic display cases for their movie props, the prop goggles from Jaws were sent to us for a custom support so that they would be better preserved over time, and look great on display. We created a custom foam insert that fit inside the goggles to safely help support the goggles with out putting pressure on the already delicate rubber straps. Time can make elastic elements more brittle and it was important not to stress the goggle’s straps in any way. The insert was hand carved to fit the specific pair of goggles and provide them with optimum support and a beautiful display angle.

We finished the movie prop display with a custom full color metal plaque that features the movie’s logo and everyone’s favorite shark, Bruce!  A museum style clear acrylic display case covers the props to keep the dust (and hands!) off. Even our standard cases are usually 3/16th acrylic or thicker. Adding a little extra thickness to the acrylic can really add a look of value to the overall display and help make your prized collectibles look that much more special.

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