Star Trek I Mudd Necklace Prop Display

A custom themed display for an original Star Trek I Mudd necklace from the classic 1967 episode of the television show.

In the classic, Original Series episode, several characters wore a Star Trek I Mudd necklace like this.  Each was an identical android, distinguished by the number on their costume necklace. Our client was looking for a unique way to display this rare and iconic piece of Star Trek memorabilia.

We drew our inspiration from the television episode’s set and Harry Mudd’s angular throne. The whole set is a classic example of vintage Star Trek style. Using MDF we created a series of wood forms as a base and then recreated the look of the throne, to create a miniature version where the necklace could hang.

The prop necklace no longer lit up as it did in the episode.  We added a lighted element to the mini-throne, so that the numbered part of the necklace appear to glow similar to how it looked on screen. A simple battery operated LED with a switch on the back of the display helped with this little homage. This allowed the piece to be displayed anywhere without having to worry about an electrical cord. It also meant that the light could be turned on and off easily with the touch of a button on the display.

Once those pieces were finished and coated in a very “StarTrek” gray color, we moved on tho the faux rock side walls. Like so many episodes of Star Trek, the set featured faux rocks with colored lighting. To capture this look, we used hand carved EPS foam, coated with a shell for stability.  We base coated them in a gray paint to match the rest of the custom themed display. These pieces were then mounted to the back drop of the base. We then airbrushed a florescent purple paint from the top only.  This helped us mimic the lighting effect which was so typical of the 1960’s  Star Trek series.

A custom clear acrylic display cover finished a very cool display for a very cool prop!

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