Star Trek- Enterprise Nacelle Cap Model Display

A custom display and UV acrylic case for the original 1960’s Starship Enterprise nacelle cap model

For those with a general knowledge of Star Trek technology, the Enterprise’s nacelle is the part of the starship that houses the warp drives. Whether you know what a nacelle’s actual function is or not this Enterprise nacelle cap is a recognizable area of the original, 1960’s 11 foot model as seen in the pilot episode of the classic Star Trek original series (along with other episodes, due to reuse of the space footage throughout the show’s run).

This display was one of four that we created as a complementary set for this particular client.  The others included 2 framed displays of production made Enterprise decals and a custom mannequin for a screen worn Captain Kirk space suit costume.  We ensured all of the displays had a sense of cohesiveness while giving each their own identity. We chose to keep all of the lines and shapes of the displays clean and modern, echoing the shapes and colors of props like the show’s computer monitors to create a non-specific “feel” of the sets from the classic USS Enterprise.

We wanted it to be very clear where this piece had come from so we chose to include a photo backdrop with 2 photos. One being a shot from the space footage seen in several episodes where the cap is visible. As well as a behind the scenes photo of the large scale model as it was being delivered to the studio, ready for her maiden voyage!

The custom UV resistant acrylic display case  will not only help to protect the nacelle cap but also help to keep the photo backdrop looking like new. To finish the display we created a custom acrylic base to help display the cap as well as a custom laser cut plaque.

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