Star Trek Deep Space 9 PA Prop Display

A custom themed display for a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine PADD Prop used in the Julian Bashir, Secret Agent series

For the crew on board Deep Space Nine the holodeck provided a much needed break from reality. One of their favorite holo-novels was the Julian Bashir, Secret Agent series created by Felix. This PADD prop was featured in the “Queen’s Gambit” chapter of the holo-novel.

Our client wanted to create a one of a kind themed display for this unique Star Trek television prop. A few different concepts were designed and discussed and concept art was made. Ultimately, with the client, we chose to take inspiration from the Holosuite featured in the series and recreate miniature versions of elements from the set.

With any themed display you want to be very careful as you choose the element to feature. The most important thing is to ensure that the main focus is always the prop itself. Any design elements should enhance it, not distract from it.

We created a digitally 3D sculpted replica of the entrance to the suite, including doors and lighted panels. All of these parts were then 3D printed and hand finished. The display base and doors were given a black paint treatment and we recreated the gray pattern from the set’s carpeting on the base of the display as another call back to the show.

For a pop of color, we took the 2 vertical patterns and printed them on a transparent material. Those were them mounted in from of LED’s to give them the same glowing look in the real holosuite set.

A custom clear acrylic display cover and custom metal printed plaque finished a one of a kind display for a unique prop!

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