The Thing From Another World Prop Hand Display

Where Did It Come From? How Did It Get Here? A screen used The Thing From Another World prop hand from 1951.

Look out… its a custom display for a The Thing From Another World prop hand! The original Howard Hawks 1951 classic, The Thing From Another World, tells the story of a group of scientists that find a spacecraft in the Arctic. When they take the craft back to their station, the blood thirsty alien pilot is accidentally thawed.  We were presented with the iconic latex movie prop hand of that alien, and asked to create a unique themed display for it.

We first created a custom archival insert to help this over 60 year old prop rubber monster glove remain in the amazing condition it was in.  Then we started work on the display base. With the film taking in place in the arctic, and the alien’s hand first seen under ice, our concept was to create a faux ice and snow base where the latex prop looked like it was bursting out of the ice!  The base was hand carved in EPS and then coasted for extra stability. We then added subtle icy blue highlights and faux snow to complete the frozen look. For the icy top we used a sheet of frosted acrylic with a custom cut out for the hand. This not only gave the appearance of ice but also helped the lighting underneath. To add an other worldly look, we chose to insert green LEDs inside the display, which made the ice glow up at the movie prop hand. We also added a cut out to the back of the plaque, allowing the green light to shine through the letters and mimic the look of the 1951 sci-fi horror movie’s opening titles!

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