X Files Alien Props Mask & Hands

The truth is out there! A set of custom display supports for a trio of X Files alien props.

This rare set of X Files alien props arrived to us in good condition but in order to keep them in this condition we wanted to get them properly supported. With the exaggerated length of the fingers and the shape of the latex mask’s head it was clear that a normal human form was not going to be enough support. We needed to create a custom bust which was going give support to the delicate latex while not causing any pressure or stretching the material.

Our company specializes in custom displays for original (screen used) movie props and costumes.  Whether it’s a latex alien mask or a movie costume worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mark Hamill, we can create custom forms, mannequins and acrylic display cases. We’re always happy to talk about options with our clients and find the right style of display for their particular movie props or collectibles.

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A few words from our client…

Well, the alien made a landing back at my house.  He looks absolutely fantastic!  The display works beautifully and the work looks amazing.  Everything came well packaged and tightly wrapped.  Thanks again for a great experience.  I hope to do business with you again down the road!  Best regards, Matt

Matt - Private Collector of Movie Props and Masks