Mad Max: Fury Road Prop Display

A custom themed display for Mad Max: Fury Road prop screen used blood bag gauntlet

This Mad Max: Fury Road prop blood bag gauntlet was brought to us by one of our clients looking for a display. They wanted something that had a bit of theming but size was important. We needed to keep the display on the smaller side to fit with the rest of their collection. There are 2 main types of displays, themed or what we call “museum-style”.  A themed display incorporates elements from the film or character, to evoke a specific scene or location and give the prop context. Conversely, a museum-style display is typically more streamlined and minimal, frequently a black or singular color base, similar to something you would see in a museum or gallery. The type of display really comes down to personal preference of each client.

We discussed several different options, and with the client we endeavored to create something that was simple (like a museum-style display) but with a little bit of the character of the film for a touch of context. The final display would be a wall hanging faux rusted metal backer inspired by the gritty aesthetic of the movie, with a stunning full-color plaque. We started by creating custom hangers to support both the gauntlet and the blood tubes. These hangers need to not only show off the props but also give them proper support over time.

Once the hangers were created the entire backer was given a base coat of silver paint, after which many layers of different shades of brown, black and grey were used to give the display a realistic distressing and faux rust. The key with this type of distressing is to make sure whatever you do looks natural and random.  It has to feel like years of age and damage have naturally occurred. The best part is, this is all faux finish over wood, meaning there’s no worry of real rust affecting the props over time.

To finish the display we added a bold, full-color custom printed plaque featuring the movie’s logo, the prop’s description and a couple of screen grabs from the film to give it some additional context.


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