Walking Dead Mask Display

A custom display for a screen used Walking Dead mask

One of oldest clients reached out to us looking for a unique and themed display for his screen used, latex Walking Dead mask. We were very excited because who doesn’t love a good blood splatter, especially around Halloween? We created a creepy display to compliment the gory corpse faced mask with a rustic and almost a taxidermy feel.

We started with a wooden backer which we used as our sturdy base so the piece looked like it had been cobbled together but was actually very structurally sound. Once all of the wooden slats were in place, Christine started one her favorite parts of these types of projects, the distressing! She used several different techniques to create the cracks and scratches in the wood planks. The key with this type of distressing is to make sure whatever you do looks natural and random.  It has to feel like years of age and damage have occurred.

With the boards all physically distressed lead artist for this project Pat, began painting and aging the wood. He wanted to create the look that the boards had been gathered from anything Rick Grimes or the other survivors could find. So he went for a few different stain colors and finishes. He also added barbed wire (faux of course for the safety of our client!) and several blood splatters because, again, who doesn’t love a good blood splatter? A great, gruesome, touch can be found on the bottom right edge of the display, where you’ll find a set of claw marks complete with an embedded (faux!) human finger nail!  It added just the right amount of “eeeeeew!” to this great horror prop mask display!

And, of course, we created a custom fit head form to help support the mask, and one final touch was printed metal display plaque, designed to match the many other movie prop displays we’ve made this collectors.

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