Foam Skull Throne Prop for Haunted Cafe

A hand-carved foam skull throne to add theming to a haunted game cafe!

Gary at the Haunted Game Cafe contacted us after seeing a large carved foam trade show booth we did featuring a massive skull mountain and throne.  Inspired by what he saw, he wanted to bring some theme-park style theming into his gaming cafe in the form of a foam skull throne. He figured that would be the ultimate game-master’s chair. Working with the client, we sketched out a few loose concepts. These quick pencil sketches eventually brought us to an idea where the skull had a very organic rock look (almost as if it were a natural formation) and a ghostly style befitting a haunted table-top gaming establishment such as this!

Richard Riley, our lead foam prop specialist, hand carved the rock from EPS foam. With break down for shipping and assembly (and fitting through doors!) in mind, Richard created the organic shapes of the skull rock, complete with hollows for the eyes and drippy stalactite-looking teeth. Crevices and cracks make give the craggy stone-look prop a truly haunting vibe.

Once the foam prop was carved, it was hard coated in dense black polyurea for maximum durability. We snapped a pic as it actually looked really cool at this phase, almost like a skull formation in volcanic rock! Layers of browns, blacks and grays would be added to give the faux rock throne a realistic aged-stone look.

Best of all, our client loved the final result and even snapped a pic for us as soon as it was installed. We pity the poor doomed souls who have a game-master seated in this creepy skull rock throne during their games!

While our client used this for his business, this sort of skull furniture could be right at home if you love a creepy style! We build for businesses, collectors and homes everywhere!

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