Star Wars & Marvel Faux Stone Wall Art

A collection of Star Wars and Marvel themed, faux stone wall art sculptures for for a video game company’s office.

We were contacted last year by an official video game company looking to bring a little bit of theming, inspiration and some unique art work to their office. They decided to stick to two of their major titles, Marvel and Star Wars.  Two themes that provided us with an immense amount of inspiration.  To that end, you may have seen our lifesized Rocket and Groot Guardians of the Galaxy statue or Star Wars Sandtrooper mannequin we made for the same company. These pieces of stone wall art would help broaden the theming beyond statues.

While the lifesized figures helped theme the broader office space, they also wanted to come up with identities for their four conference rooms. From Star Wars, they chose the Imperials and Rebels and from Marvel, SHIELD and HYDRA.  Themed wall decor in the form of stone-look plaques would help identify each room. Our lead foam artist, Richard Riley, began sketching out each design and then carving each plaque in dense EPS.

For the HYDRA, SHEILD, Rebel Alliance and Imperial symbols we chose to create each in a clean and classic “carved stone” style.  Once the symbols were carved, we hard coated them for stability and durability. They were then given several layers of paint and washes, to create a realistic stone coloration and a bit of weathering and age.

For a bit of fun, we played with the HYDRA design and created a variation on that… cracked and damaged with a heavily weathered Captain America shield sticking out of it!  Seems HYDRA can’t avoid ole’ Cap!  We also made another Star Wars wall plaque for their space, a weathered warm brown sandstone version of Boba Fett’s famous Mandalorian Mythosaur skull symbol!  These were just a few of the fun pieces we made to help keep creativity high on this awesome campus. If you want us to help bring your brands to life in your office and inspire your team…

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