Killer Bees Six Flags Theme Park Props

A dastardly trio of foam letter props and an awful fun pun!

These foam sculpted “Giant Killer B’s” were created for Six Flags Over Georgia as part of their Fright Fest.  The theme park had a sideshow theme that year and small windows where folks could look in and see amazing sights!  One such sight was “Giant Killer Bees!”  When guests looked through, they saw our fun foam letter props, posed standing over the “body” of their victim, instead of giant deadly insects! These light hearted large foam letters were hand carved into fun characters by Rich Riley.  We love a good pun, and tried to put a bit of fun and life (and death!) into the foam sculpted letters with intense eyes and props to help set the scene!  We wouldn’t want to run into these B’s in a dark alley, that’s for sure!

Large foam props like these could be used at a theme park, trade show or even a home display, let use create something cool for you!

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