Foam Hairbrush Props for Trade Show

A pair of GIANT custom carved foam hairbrush props for a trade show booth.

When companies are planning out their  trade show booths, they want to create something eye-catching to entice people to stop at their booth! This company wanted a pair of oversized, larger-than-life hairbrush props to set them apart from the other booths and also showcase their product and its goal in just a glance.

Before we start any sculpting or creating, we begin by discussing details, as well as going over concept art that our client may have generated (or creating some if the project calls for it). For this project, our client had some preexisting art to work from, and a specific style of brush they wanted replicated as gigantic foam props. We were lucky enough to get one of the actual brushes to use as reference in our work.

With the designs finalized, Rich Riley, our lead foam artist for this project, carved each prop from EPS foam (which similar to what some folks call styrofoam) by hand. He also created bases and internal support structures to the props to allow them to be displayed safely at the trade show and break down for shipment.

 Once the sculpting was complete and approved by the client we moved on to coating and protecting the foam prop’s surface. Each prop is hard coated using a spray coating called polyurea, this plastic-like coating gives the props stability and durability. An important feature for anything being used within reach of the public.

We gave both hairbrush props a paint scheme to match their real world counterpart, along with adding the product logos and lots and lots of hand-glued bristles! So many bristles. When the props were set up in the booth, fake hair was added in addition to a fake hair inspired carpet. The final display is something completely unique and sure to catch a lot of attention for our client!

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